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3. The new technology - what it is, what it does

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The new technology is called MaGIC™

MaGIC™ stands for “Mild airblown Gasification Integrated Combined Cycle.”, in which “Mild gasification” refers to the gasification technology. The diagram shows the equipment added when MaGIC is used to increase the generating capacity of an existing coal plant.

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Repowering existing coal plants

The preferred application for MaGIC is to repower existing coal plants…. converting them into IGCCs by adding the equipment shown on the next page.

MaGIC’s small footprint enables it to fit on buildings obsoleted by repowering (red arrow – above).

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1. Repowering for added capacity

When additional generating capacity is needed, MaGIC (in blue) is added to the existing coal plant (in red). Because MaGIC includes a gas turbine, the plant’s capacity may be increased by as much as 200% of the original rating, depending on the size of the turbine selected.

If the existing steam plant is relatively new, the existing boiler is used for combined-cycle heat recovery, as repowering with MaGIC is uneconomic otherwise. The principal change required is to relocate the steam-pipe connections, a relatively minor modification.

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2. Restoring aging coal plants

**HRSG – “Heat Recovery Steam Generator”

Coal plants are retired when their boilers become uneconomic to maintain.

Replacing the boilers with HRSGs** enables MaGIC to as much as double the plant’s life. New steam turbines are also installed during repowering to increase plant efficiency.

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3. New installations and gas conversions.

Shown: a gas-fired combined-cycle power plant

MaGIC can be used for new installations where repowering isn’t an option.

The technology can also be used to repower gas plants if coal is enough cheaper than gas, and there is enough space at the site for the coal equipment.

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